What do the Museum Friends do?

What do the Friends do?

There’s lots that needs doing, some of which are ongoing tasks whilst others are finite projects. We need more volunteers to help with the following areas. Do you know anybody else who might be interested in volunteering?

Housekeeping We really need more help in this area!

Rationalising the Supporting Library

We are offered maps, books and manuals etc. quite often but before we can physically take any more we need to rationalise what we already have

Rationalising the Stored Items

We have many items in storage, which are not part of the museum collection, that need to be found a new home

Basic Conservation

There are always plenty of things needing doing, ranging from replacing inner tubes to treating vulnerable materials

Improving Displays

We could improve displays much faster if we had more help! For example, we need to acquire more quality items from the 1960s & ’70s and we would like to renovate some light-box signs so that we can light them again


We have lots of hanging baskets and a garden to keep on top of

Maintenance of our vehicles

As well as ongoing conservation, renovation of the rickshaw outside and a newly-acquired bicycle are priorities

Preparing For and Assisting with School Visits

We could do with another person to help guide school groups around the museum and promote the workshops to schools

Research for Labels and/or Displays ……. this can be done from home!

‘In Character’ interaction with visitors

This is an area that could be developed if you’d find it fun to do

Staffing the Refreshments Hut ……. on the occasional busy sunny days

Something Else …………….. we are open to suggestions!

If you are able to take a part in any of these activities, please do not hesitate to contact us at:


or on 01451 821255. Thank you.