Another Brum

A recent visitor to the museum was particularly interested in seeing Brum and he also had an interesting tale to tell. Apparently, he and his Dad have been building another Brum. To prove the point, when he arrived home he sent us some pictures and here they are:

He tells us that his Brum is 120 x 60 x 80 cm and just look at that front suspension; it looks very professional and could make our Brum quite jealous!

Luke, we would love to see more pictures as your project progresses and a few words to tell us about your work would be great.

Thanks for contacting us and sending your photos.

2 thoughts on “Another Brum

  1. I didn’t even see this till today, this is a surprise didn’t even know you did this! thank you very much for the nice compliments about my Brum, hopefully your Brum doesn’t get too jealous hehe.

    Right now my Brum is being fitted to become Remote Control, so shouldn’t be too long till I can get him out and about for a spin, would be very cool and amazing if we could bring ours round the museum when its not busy to show it off! And thank Brum for being my inspiration and Childhood, he is a super car!


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