Get Kids Out Learning

For many years the museum has encouraged school groups of all ages to visit the museum and enjoy a range of hands-on learning opportunities. These include workshops on transport and toys, quizzes, games even an opportunity to sit on the grey Fergusson tractor.

Given the museum’s enthusiasm for providing a location, away from the classroom, for an enjoyable learning experience for all school-age children, it seemed relevant that when invited, the museum should become a partner with ‘Get Kids Out Learning’.

‘Get Kids Out Learning’ is a scheme run by a company called Tutorful who specialise in web-based tutoring. Founded by a primary school teacher Tutorful claim 8,500 tutors across UK, with half a million visits to their website each month and a record of working with 50,000 families.

Through ‘Get Kids Out Learning’, Tutorful are encouraging more families to switch off the smartphone and laptop and head outside to create learning experiences, memorable for years to come. Children love being outdoors – learning through play and being inspired to explore the world around them. A visit to the museum could be just one such opportunity.

The Tutorful website provides an easy way for families to find local fun days out which provide great learning and educational opportunities for the children. The website allows parents to quickly search any particular region to see all the information they need to plan a great day out! Any parent searching for days out in Gloucestershire will now find the museum as one of their choices.

Although the summer holidays are now fast becoming a distant memory, the scheme has year-round significance and the museum is looking forward to the partnership with ‘Get Kids Out Learning’. We couldn’t think of a better way to promote learning outside of school, than this not-for-profit initiative!

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